The North Shore Adventist Academy lower school offers a hands-on and caring learning environment.   In addition to cozy reading corners, you will find talking birds, hamsters and butterflies.    You will observe student pairs working out the price of  feeding the class pet for the school year.  You will find students huddled together in small groups writing lyrics for a song about Chicago.  You will hear teachers encouraging students to wonder, question and investigate.

Our Christ-centered curriculum is rigorous and engaging.  It fosters critical thinking and problem- solving skills.  It promotes deep respect for God and His creation.   It develops students’ literacy, science, technology, engineering and mathematical knowledge and skills.   North Shore Adventist Academy’s small class sizes enable our highly qualified and experienced teachers to provide individualized instruction so all our students master foundational skills and develop a life long love of learning.


At North Shore Adventist Academy, our lower school education offers the following:


  • Biblically integrated 21st century college prep curriculum
  • Caring and certified teachers
  • Strong fine arts instruction through music, drama and the visual arts
  • Daily P.E. classes