North Shore Adventist Academy understands the importance of communication and ensuring parents are well informed about the school and their child. These are the primary methods in which North Shore Adventist Academy shares information:


North Shore Adventist Academy website ( should be your first stop when looking for information. We strive to keep the information on the website current and we actively enhance the website to make it more useful for families. If there is information that you would like to see on the website, please use our Contact Us page to send us a message. Enter the information that you would like see in the Questions and Comment field.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are held after first and third quarters. It is an opportunity for you and your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress. The parent-teacher conferences are typically held in your child’s classroom where you can see your child’s work prominently displayed.



Provides Parents and Students access to Student Grades and Homework, School Announcements and Directories.


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A newsletter is issued each Thursday containing school events, school news and the lunch menu. Parents are asked to get the newsletter from their child each Thursday so that they can keep informed.





CMail is short for Child Mail. You are welcome to communicate with your child’s teacher or school office by sending notes, checks or forms in your child’s school bag and having your child deliver it to the teacher or front office. Teachers will often use CMail to deliver messages, forms and notes to you. Please check your child’s bag daily to ensure you receive important information.