We are a high quality affordable preschool where children grow into confident, enthusiastic, self directed learners, who show care and respect for the people and world around them.

Our nurturing and highly qualified teachers value each child’s uniqueness as a special gift from God. They carefully observe each child in their care as they play and work to insure each child’s interests and special talents flourish as they master new skills at their own pace.

Our discovery based curriculum helps each child grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually in mixed age classrooms of three to five year olds that recreate the supportive structure of families.

Our learning environment, materials and daily routines help each child grow in their ability to concentrate, problem-solve, think creatively, and act responsibly. Free choice, music, art, and active games are an integral part of each day. A love for books, poetry and writing is cultivated during morning meeting and independent reading and work time. Mathematical skills and knowledge are developed as children engage in real life activities like preparing healthy snacks, and measuring and charting their heights.

We encourage you to schedule a visit soon to come see for yourself how children blossom in our care.

Happy preschool children
Picture of a preschool child reading a book
picture of a preschool smily child
Picture of preschool children
Preschool Child